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Classic Piano Lesson Beethoven


ベートーヴェン作曲 - - どこでも、このピアノのアプリケーションを使用して、あなたがクラシック音楽の作品を演奏する方法を学習を始めることができます。
ショパン、バッハ、ヴィヴァルディ - ベートーベンや他の古典的な作曲特に書かれたクラシック音楽を再生することにより、実際の音楽の巨匠となります。
学ぶまたはゲームモードをプレイ - あなたがまたは任意の助けなしに再生することができます。ベートーベンの曲のいずれかをお見逃しなく!
特徴:ベートーベンの音楽の-a多くが利用可能ピアノのグレート音- 非常に面白い音楽アプリケーションゲームコントロールを使用する - 簡単-2つのゲームモード:ピアノとプレイモードをプレイする方法を学びますサンプル曲の-a多くは、異なるアーティストやショパン、モーツァルト、ヴェルディのような古典的な作曲家の再生します。- ピアノレッスンアプリは、あなたの音楽を録音するためのオプションが含まれて-adjustableピアノの鍵盤幅すなわち古典的なピアノ、ギター、バイオリンと、より多くを選択する-many楽器!- マルチタッチプレイ- タッチ圧力検出
Have you ever had real piano lessons? Now you don't need to attend them, if you want to learn to play piano!
Piano Lessons application gives you an opportunity to learn to play piano (and other instruments) at home using your mobile device. The more you play Piano Lessons, the better you will be!Now you can master all Beethoven's songs!
Piano Lessons has everything you need to learn to play classical music pieces on piano. We think learning to play piano on your smartphone will be much more flexible than attending traditional learning classes.
You can start learning how to play the pieces of classical music - composed by Beethoven - anywhere using this piano application.
Learn how to play one of the most popular Beethoven's song "For Elise" and his other pieces of classical music like piano concerts, symphonies, sonatas.
Become a real musical maestro by playing classical music written especially by Beethoven and other classical composers - Chopin, Bach, Vivaldi.
To play choose a song from our Beethoven's classical music list and run your fingers over the piano keyboard by following the highlighted piano tiles.
Play live classical music, record your works and feel like a real musician!
You can play with or without any help - in learn or play game mode. Don't miss any of the Beethoven's songs!
Play top Beethoven's greatest works and get as many points as possible for playing his classical music.
Features:-a lot of Beethoven's music available-great sound of piano-very entertaining music application-easy to use game controls-2 game modes : Learn how to play piano and Play mode-a lot of sample songs to play of different artists and classical composers like Chopin, Mozart, Verdi.-Piano Lessons app includes option to record your music-adjustable piano keyboard width-many instruments to choose i.e. classic piano, guitar, violin and many more!-multi touch playing-touch pressure detecting